THREE Things To Do When You Become Rich

When you eventually hit Big Money, you must also take these follow-up actions to consolidate your your Wealth. This short article explains. Please read on!

1. When you become Rich: Get Wealthy!

Yes! Having plenty of money does not equate to being wealthy. Money is just one aspect of Wealth. Other items in the wealth-basket include: good health, companionship, security, emotional stability, sound mind and freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of worship, social network and spiritual well being. All these add up to Wealth.

Having lots of cash gives you the capacity for limitless spending; but the wealthy use their money to create and add value to our world through a synergy of their money with other human resources, and in the process many others also become wealthy.

While money gives you the pleasure of buying anything you want, wealth gives you the capacity and satisfaction to positively impact our world.

The rich hold-on to their money; the wealthy multiply and circulate their money.

The rich is ruled by money; the wealthy control and make money their slave.

The rich put money first; the wealthy put people first.

Money is an outside thing; Prosperity is an inside thing.

Money is a only means to an end; not the end itself. Just having plenty of cash without moving to the Wealth stage, leaves you vulnerable if and whenever the cash runs out. Money is not everything, and just having lots of it at your disposal cannot make you happy and fulfilled.

2. When you become Rich: Enjoy Yourself!

Yes! Money is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. And that end is to live the good and happy Life! Therefore when you become rich, go ahead and enjoy yourself by doing the things that make you happy. Go ahead and do the things for which you sought the money in the first place. Achieve!

Money is Power. Therefore when you become rich, you must leverage on the inherent powers of money to also become useful, visible and powerful within your circle of influence. To be rich without being powerful is unfortunate.

3. When you become Rich: Give Back!

Whatever channel it got to you, never forget the ONE original source of all legitimate wealth. Remember and bless the various channels through which it got to you. It is not by power, nor by might, but by Grace.

Therefore show gratitude to God and appreciation to Man, for your good fortune. Chose a channel of giving that suits you. Many wealthy people do set-up charitable Foundations as their primary channel of giving back to Humanity.

Stay Smart, Wealthy and Wise!

Jay Onwukwe

Jay is the Author: The WEALTH SECRETS You Must Know Before40, available at Amazon. Visit: for FREE motivational, inspirational, and spiritual articles and e-Books.



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